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Are you an artist or songwriter looking for a trusted gatekeeper to evaluate your songs and to help you navigate the complex process of writing and recording an album? CLICK HERE to take the next vital step in your journey.

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John Mays, Senior VP of A&R at Centricity Music
Regardless of your position or experience, everybody needs a coach, a mentor, an advisor to help take them from where they are to where they want to be. It was a great day for artists and songwriters when James Tealy announced his availability for this sort of work. It would be difficult to measure the positive influence James has had on the CCM and worship communities through his co-writing, producing and A&R guidance. From Lauren Daigle to Jason Gray to Jordan Feliz, I can speak personally to the growth and effectiveness that have come from those artist’s ministries because of their time with James. If its at all possible to work with him, do it, and reap the same rewards that so many in our community already have.

Jonathan Mason, VP Christian A&R and Publishing at CURB Word Entertainment
James Tealy has worked from every angle in the Christian music business and is a trusted resource to many current labels and publishers. He knows when artists and songwriters are ready to take the next step, so much so, that each person he’s introduced to me we have signed (or tried real hard to!).

Aaron Blanton, Worship Leader
James is a natural teacher and developer. There are a lot of songs with my name on them that would never have been written without him to push me forward and pursue my best. His friendship is a gift to me and to all who know him.

Chad Segura, VP Music Publishing at Centricity Music
James is an incredibly gifted songwriter and communicator, with years of experience, a great ear for talent, and a heart for the church.

Josh Wilson, Recording Artist
James Tealy brings decades of experience, wisdom, and expertise in both songwriting and record making. Not only has he written multiple chart-topping songs himself, but he has helped many successful artists navigate their song selection and recording processes. I’m so thankful for the artistic insight and advice he’s given me over the years, and I certainly wouldn’t be the artist I am without his help.

Matt Papa, Worship Leader and Songwriter
I don’t know anyone who is better at pinpointing where the song is, what the song is, than James Tealy.  I’ve written with hundreds of people over the years and James has a unique patience and selflessness to make whoever he’s writing with better, wiser, and more clear.  Add to that the artistic presence to keep it all compelling to craft a great song.  If you’re looking for someone to help give clarity to your songwriting career and your artistic voice, this is your guy.