Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville

Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville Check out the featured writer of the month. Guess Who?

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  1. beth hintze Says:

    ok, if this is the links page, shouldn’t the post be LINKED to something?!?!? don’t worry–i’ll go look for it myself! ;) j/k–i had to give you a hard time about something. I hope you’re well. It seems like years since I’ve seen y’all. Don’t forget to thank me for all my love and support on that new CD!!! :)


  2. beth hintze Says:

    ok, the link works now–i feel like an idiot! :D

  3. Ed Thiele Says:

    Hi,son. Luxury hotel. Few speak English. Great food. Big swimming pool. South Chihna Sea close. Summer Palace trip today. Return to HK Thursday for J’s birthday. Flight to Beijing Sunday. Home on 27th. We love you and miss you.

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