Help Me With the New Record

We are almost finished with the new record. I am in the studio this afternoon singing some more and then we’re off to mixing, mastering, and manufacturing. In the meantime we need to decide what to call the record and I want your help. Below is a form for you to pick your favorite title. I know it’s tricky to do this without having heard the record so I’ll explain each title a bit.

The Hardest Step to Land – is a lyric taken from the song “Yesterday’s Rain.” The full line is “sometimes the right first step is the hardest step to land.” With any dream, any vision that is born in the human heart there is a hesitance in us to move into action. It seems in my life the biggest barrier to chasing after the dream is knowing what the right first step should be. In my life I have wasted years deliberating that right first step. The vision for what’s next has come but in fear I wait, deliberate, marinate.

Known – is the title of one of the new songs on the record. The lyric is “You don’t need to hide. Step into the light and let yourself be known.” The song is a call to move from fear and pretending into authentic living. “Be as you are” sang James Taylor back in the day. No more fakeness, pretending to be something you’re not. Bring your real self, the doubt, the fear, the courage, the pride, bring it all into the light and let yourself be known. I suppose any record like this is a bit of that journey as well. It’s me putting myself out there; the parts I’m proud of and the embarassing parts as well.

Sometimes Sun, Sometimes Rain – is a lyric from the bridge of a new song called Glorified. The song lyric is built around these two balanced parts. In tragedy and difficulty, somehow God is able to bring glory to himself. In triumph and beauty God is also able to bring glory to himself. The song is a call to give God the worship God deserves in a way that is bigger than our circumstances. “Sometimes sun, sometimes rain, the tragic and beautiful side by side. Sometimes joy, sometimes pain but come what may, God will be glorified.”

So add your vote and help me pick the right title for the new record. Thanx in advance for the help!

**********VOTING HAS BEEN SUSPENDED**********

2 Responses to “Help Me With the New Record”

  1. Heather O'Dell Says:

    James, we are so proud of you and so thankful our paths crossed along this life journey! We are where we are today with many thanks to you! We love you!

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks for your GREAT SONGS.

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