HANDS Video Shoot

Dave in the ShadowsTobySarinTealyBriggs Leanin N2 it

Monday night was a long exhausting night and some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Some friends with cinematographic skillz decided we should shoot a video for one of the songs on the new record. The generous folks at THE STANDARD let us use one of their sweet old buildings to rock star up a bit. So David, Jacob, Toby and I strapped on some rawkstah clothes and played through the song 20 times while videographers Sarin and Andy found the right angles, the right balance of shadow and light.

I’m sure it will be a while before the video shows up on a youtube page near you, but in the meantime I thought you guys might get a kick out seeing some pix from the shoot. I wrote the song this past year with Aaron Blanton and Nate Sousa. It’s a call to get off our lazy butts and get to work practicing resurrection around us. “We are the hands, we are the feet, we are the face of love for the least of these.” It’s Easter, hope you are finding some meaningful way to remember God’s gift of bringing life out of death. I, of course, am all for bunnies and peeps but there must be something more.

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