To the Nations

Hi everybody. Sorry for the long silence on the website. Much has been happening even though the blog hasn’t reflected it. The Right First Step tour is close and we’re getting amped to play you these new songs. In the meantime, some of you have requested chord charts and help playing the song “To the Nations” in your worship gatherings. So tonight I recorded a tutorial and an acoustic version of the song on youtube. If it helps, you can download the chord chart right here (TO THE NATIONS). Here are the videos as well:

…Yes, I discovered that the video was reflected after it was posted. Makes it look like I’m left handed. By the next video I had magically learned how to play right handed…

…hope that helps. See you along the road.

2 Responses to “To the Nations”

  1. David Thiele Says:

    Love the new videos. I’ve really been enjoying listening to the new album – The Hardest Step to Land. Megan’s favorite song is Hands. It’s hard for me to choose those. I like them all! When are you coming to Texas??

  2. Edho Says:

    Inspiring . so inspiring! Love sieeng the images, and hearing the stories. Travel safe! I hope one day my wife and I can try the same journey!Jeff

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