Heaven’s Perfect Gift

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It’s an old song for me. I wrote Heavens Perfect Gift years ago as a choral piece for First Baptist New Orleans. Their choir performed it once. Dunwoody Baptist in Atlanta performed it once. My publisher at Universal was always convinced it would find a home some day but no one ever recorded it.

So David, Markus and I have recorded the piece at my house for this little Christmas number. We hope it adds to the mystery and wonder of your Christmas season.

Manger small, baby quiet
Fire warm, mother by it
Wood and hay, child and blanket
Heaven’s perfect gift has come

Countryside, hill and valley
Quiet night sleeping soundly
Silence breaks rings the chorus
Heaven’s perfect gift has come

The angels raise their hallelujahs
They lift their praise to heaven’s King
This little baby, God among us
Can you hear the angels sing
Immanuel, Now our God is with us
Immanuel, Christ the King is with us
Heaven’s perfect gift has come

Winter sky, starlight glimmer
Beckoning saint and sinner
Hand of God reaching to us
Heaven’s perfect gift has come

Watch the song with lyrics HERE.

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  1. Morgan Owen Says:

    Love the song!

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