Give the Gift of Growth

After years of writing songs that no one ever heard, my wife gave me the greatest gift I could imagine. She signed me up for a workshop. Not exactly a new car I know. To feed the songwriter in my soul, she signed me up for a songwriting conference in another city. It was her way of investing in my creativity. That weekend became the front door to a rewarding 10 year (so far) career as a professional songwriter.

Do you a songwriter or worship leader? What if you invested in their gifts the same way my wife did signed them up for some training, encouragement, and inspiration? There are 2 ways coming up that you could give that remarkable gift to the quiet songwriters in your world.

1. ALLABOUTWORSHIP – This is the easiest! is offering a series of weekly webinars that can be viewed from your own home. Even if there are time conflicts, all of the webinars will be available to registrants whenever they can watch them. I’ll teach one of the four webinars being offered along with Dustin Smith, Chris McClarney, and Daniel Bashta. Even the budget option of choosing ONE webinar to give as a gift for only $30 would be a remarkable way to invest in the talent of someone you care about. FIND OUT MORE BY CLICKING HERE.

2. GMA IMMERSE – The event my wife originally signed me up for has changed names over the years and is now called Immerse and happens here in Nashville May 26-29, 2013. Being here in Nashville means event registrants have access to an amazing list of artists, writers, and music industry leaders. I wish there were churches that would give registration to this event as a gift to a talented staff member. My experience at what was then called GMA Academy changed everything for me and I think the registration is FULLY worth the price. FIND OUT MORE BY CLICKING HERE.

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