The Ones That Got Away

I’ve been writing songs for a living since 2004. Along the way I’ve recorded some of those songs to share along the road as I’ve traveled. None of those recordings have ever been released commercially. That has always just meant a handful of copies sold to family and friends around the world. Because it costs money to manufacture and distribute music, I have allowed 4 albums to go out of print. That represents a great loss for me creatively. I’ve written over 500 songs in the last 9 years and VERY FEW of those ever make it into the daylight.

That means the songs that have been released publicly are like children to me. They are pieces of me. They are snapshots from along my journey. They are deeply personal to me. Some of the music embarrasses me (a bit) but the lyrics of these songs, the worship, the narratives are glimpses of my soul.

I have curated a set of songs from those out-of-print recordings that are now available as a free download from Noisetrade. I wanted to pick ten songs from the 4 out-of-print albums. Some friends helped by voicing their favorites. In the end, these choices were entirely selfish.

From the 2005 album Echo I’ve included the songs “His Glory My Reward,” “Awake My Soul,” and “One Last Thing to Say.”

From the 2007 album Redeeming the Days I’ve included the songs “Foreign is Familiar,” “Permanent,” and “Blue Horizon.”

From the 2009 album The Hardest Step to Land I’ve included the songs “To The Nations” and “Look Among the Lowly.”

From the 2010 digital release Make It Loud I’ve included the worship songs “One True God” and “Bless the Lord.”

You can DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE. Please feel free to share these songs with anyone that you think would be encouraged by them.

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  1. jo scott Says:

    Absolutely love this profound worship music

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