Birthday Wishes

Birthdays always cause me to reflect some – maybe more so as the years pile up. As frightening as 42 might look to some of you, I couldn’t be more grateful for the view from here.

There are plenty of things I would have wished for at this point in my life: financial stability, effortless marital bliss, deeper friendships, and about 60 pounds less to carry around. But I can honestly say that all of those things are buried beneath a pile of overwhelming thankfulness.

Ten years ago I chased a dream to write songs professionally and somehow I’m still able to do it. I’ve received messages about the impact of those songs from around the world. That might seem small in light of my lack of “music industry success” but those little encouragements have kept me writing when it seemed like no one even noticed.

I’ve been entrusted with the worship leadership of a young and growing church. I count the leaders there as great friends and cant believe I get to be on their team. I own a modest home that I love in a city I am learning to love more everyday.

We’ve traded in our dream vacation to Italy on rich missions adventures in over 20 countries around the world. I never thought I would see the places I’ve seen, taste the things I’ve tasted, hear the sweet sounds I’ve heard or stand witness to life-changing truth among so many unreached people’s.

Today, I will look in the mirror and celebrate every gray hair. 42 has washed over me in a tide of thankfulness.

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