SongwritingGroupFor a few years now, I’ve been working to foster an indigenous songwriting movement among the churches I visit. I long to see more churches both writing and using original content in their corporate worship gatherings. I have seen new songs for the church created in over 15 languages around the globe as believers work to give voice to the praise that wells up naturally in every human heart.

All of humanity was created to worship, and we all bear the creative image of Yahweh the Creator. It is not only natural, but Supernatural that new expressions of worship would surface in us.

I believe that every church on earth is a congregation full of songwriters in hiding. I believe that God plants melodies and lyrics in our hearts, giving us the tools we need to bring Him fresh expressions of praise. Our culture often stifles those spiritual gifts or muffles heaven’s melodies in us. “Leave that work to the professionals” an inner voice says, “you’re not creative enough to be a writer.” Or perhaps, “how arrogant of you to think you have something better to offer than the songs that have already been written.” I believe countless melodies have been surrendered to the noise of negativity in our hearts. How many lyrics have been scribbled in private journals but never shared, songs written and then placed in a proverbial box under the bed?

Along my own journey as a songwriter, there are plenty of songs that God has inspired in me as a private expression of personal worship. Those songs were written IN a moment, FOR a moment between God and me. But I have also experienced moments where I sensed God was calling me to give a voice to the worship of the people I’ve served. Those songs used the unique language of our tribe. They included images and word pictures that marked a particular season of our faith-family. Sometimes, those songs were written to respond to areas that seemed lacking in the “worship diet” of our church.

Over the next few weeks, I will post a series of blogs that I hope will inspire you to contribute to an indigenous songwriting movement in your church. I’ll explore some biblical and cultural MOTIVATIONS for writing new songs and suggest ways to overcome some of the key BARRIERS you will face. Finally, I’ll outline some key FIRST STEPS to help you contribute to an indigenous songwriting movement in your congregation.

The Holy Spirit of God searches the earth for a ready pen and resonant heart. Is there a song coming alive inside of you? Set it free!

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