2020 Favorites

I teach songwriting classes but this list isn’t meant to be instructional. There are a bunch of different reasons I came back to these songs over and over in 2020. Sometimes it was the resonance of the lyric with my personal narrative. Sometimes it was an infectious melody that woke me up in the middle of the night. Some of my former students are on this list but NOT because I had anything to do with the songs; I’ve just become a fan now. The list started as albums then became songs. Then 22 songs became 15 songs in no particular order.

The songs are HERE THEY ARE ON AN APPLE MUSIC PLAYLIST. Links will take you to youtube.

I hope you’re able to find a new favorite in this list too. The comments are the perfect spot to let me know about your favorites that I might have missed this year.

AJR – Bang!
Wake Low – Testify
Taylor Swift – the 1
Stephen Day – Back of My Hand
Jacob Collier – All I Need
Ingrid Andress – Anything But Love
Bob Dylan – I Contain Multitudes
Gracie Abrams – Friend
K.S. Rhoads – Innocent
Josie Dunne – Lost
Halsey – Graveyard
Joel Blackman – All My Friends Are Lonely
Jordy Searcy & Annika Bennett – Only Know How to Love You
Carobae – Part of Me
Ellie Holcomb – Constellations

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