Are you an ARTIST or a BAND?

I’ve spent most of my career in the music industry helping young artists and songwriters find their voice and find their audience.

PUBLISHING – As a publisher, that means 2 things: I can help you create songs that balance your unique talent with the commercial appeal necessary to reach a global audience. It also means I can help you navigate the new and complex world of copyright, royalties, and streaming assuring that you collect the money you deserve when a song is released.

A&R stands for Artist and Repertoire. That department within a record label is responsible for helping artists find their strongest songs and navigate the complex recording process. As an A&R consultant, I can help you prepare to record so that you don’t waste your money recording a song before it’s ready. Whether you’re recording a single in your home studio or hiring a team of pro’s to help you record an album, the complex process of writing, pre-producing, recording, mixing, mastering, licensing, distributing, and marketing a release can be overwhelming. Let me help you work this system and build a team that can help you succeed.

RATES – A&R and Publishing Consultation is available on an hourly basis. After years of this work I have decided that a 2 hour minimum best sets you up for success; a first session for initial evaluation and/or song critique and a follow up session to evaluate re-writes and establish clear next steps. The best deal I can offer is a 5 hour bundle – with 4 paid consultation sessions and a fifth hour free. Over the last few years it has become clear that 5 weeks of consultation together is ideal for most writers and artists to find that next level of productivity. We can discuss continuing beyond 5 consultation sessions once the process has begun.

  • $500 – 2 x 1 hour consultation sessions for a solo artist or songwriter.
  • $1000 – 5 x 1 hour consultation sessions for a solo artist or songwriter.
  • $199 – access to the 10 session Kingdom-Songcraft course and workbook at Kingdom Songs University especially designed for those wanting to write stronger worship songs.

To begin the process or ask any questions you have, email me personally at