• 10 Ways to Slay Your Next Nashville Writers’ Round
    I went to a show last week featuring 5 young songwriters. After the first round, I quit listening and started writing this blog post. Over the last 16 years as a professional songwriter I’ve played and attended countless writers’ rounds with Hall of Fame songwriters and new writers alike. Since I started teaching songwriting and music business classes 7 years ago I’ve been to a hundred writers rounds with students playing their first shows. I’ve […]
  • 2020 Favorites
    I teach songwriting classes but this list isn’t meant to be instructional. There are a bunch of different reasons I came back to these songs over and over in 2020. Sometimes it was the resonance of the lyric with my personal narrative. Sometimes it was an infectious melody that woke me up in the middle of the night. Some of my former students are on this list but NOT because I had anything to do […]
  • 4 Ways to Focus Your Songwriting Right Now
    Songwriters, here are some prompts to get your creativity flowing in these days of social distancing. A stay-at-home order might be a gift, providing some extra time to think, process, and create. Here are four ways to focus your songwriting in this season. (My focus here is definitely on those of you who are writing for the church. However, whatever you’re writing you might find some helpful guidance here.) WRITE PASTORALLY – I read a beautiful […]
  • Don’t Forget Your Single Friends
    I’m grateful to have some wise and caring friends checking in on me these days. REMEMBER, your single, extroverted friends who live alone view these stay-at-home directives as a prison sentence. Don’t ASK what they need. They’ll just say “I’m fine!” YOU’RE what they need. Schedule a FaceTime hang, work out together, swap your favorite Quarantini recipes and demonstrate making your recipe. Here are four other lifesaving things you can do for your single friends […]
  • 7 Ways to Overcome Your Church’s Spectator Crisis
    For her entire existence, the church has battled against a spectator mentality among congregants. Now that churches across the globe have been forced to fit their worship gatherings into a live-streamed computer screen, what once was a challenge is quickly becoming a crisis. If worship was ever in danger of becoming a show, that danger is now multiplied; your people have now spent a week binging Netflix episodes and you’re asking them to treat your […]