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5 Core Essentials for Writing Worship Songs

Writing Songs for the church is a unique and even dangerous task. I can help you navigate that process. I’ve made an introductory lesson from the Kingdom Songs University course “Kingdom Songcraft” available for free at

The full 10 lesson course is $199 and includes a companion e-book full of helpful songwriting prompts. The free offering (lesson 2 in the full course) is a great introduction to what you can expect from Michael Farren and me in the larger course. Even by itself, I think this video will prove to be an important and inspiring resource to help you write beautiful and timeless songs for the church. CLICK HERE to sign up for the free video lesson.

Summer Fun


We’ve posted some pics from this summer’s shananigans on the Facebook page. CLICK HERE to join the fun. Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama. My joy at the end of these 7 weeks is WAY STRONGER than the exhaustion.

See ya along the road,

Deep Cuts

Once people find out I write songs for a living, the next inevitable question is, “have you written anything I would know.” It is always safe for me to answer “probably not” in this sea of 6,000,000 songs floating around iTunes. Most of the songs I’ve written have stayed in relative obscurity. And depending on the musical pool you normally swim in, some of these songs will confuse or surprise you. Truth is, some of them I am proud of, others, less so. Regardless, it is still infinitely cool that something I helped write has been recorded by someone else. Even more cool if you have heard one of these. AND even cooler if there’s one you’ve sung along with.

I’ve never actually put the songs in one place but here are some of the songs I’ve written or co-written that have been recorded by someone other than me over the years. They’re in alphabetical order by Artist with links to iTunes.

I know this isn’t a complete list but it’s at least a few that I could find on iTunes. And of course, all of the recordings I’ve released so far are HERE.Got a favorite song from the list? Leave a comment and let me know.


Saints & Martyrs

James Tealy - Saints & MartyrsMerry Christmas everyone. This month has been a blur running around with Josh Wilson and Wes Pickering bringing a little Christmas joy to Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Home at last, I want to give a Christmas gift to all of you who have prayed so consistently for me…who have checked in on me here and sent encouraging notes along the way. You’ve driven hours to come see us and sing along with us. 2010 has been a tough but fruitful year full of singing, writing, teaching and driving…endless driving.

We released an EP of worship songs at the end of June called “Open Hands.” You have bought more copies of these few songs than anything I’ve released to date. We recorded one song that didn’t make it to the record and I want to share it with you now.

“You Alone Can Save” was written in January of this year in a hotel in Mumbai, India. Seth Condrey, Matt Papa and I were in a room together worshipping long after it was appropriate to be singing in a hotel room. Our neighbor finally knocked on the wall at 1AM and we quieted down. This is a song for the morning, lyrics meant to ride the back of the dawn. You can click HERE to download the song (along with a chord chart and a bonus remix of Open Hands) or click on the cover art for the EP at the beginning of this post.

Merry Happy Jingle Ho Ho.

Open Hands

jamestealyopenhandsThe new EP has finally released and I can’t wait for you to hear and use these songs. Some we’ve been using in worship for a while and some are brand new. You can find it on iTunes HERE.

If you purchased a download of “Open Hands” you can click on the album art to the right to get to the login page. Once there, enter the password from your download card and begin downloading the new stuff! If you have problems with the process just send us a note from the CONTACT page and we will respond as soon as possible.