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To the Nations

Hi everybody. Sorry for the long silence on the website. Much has been happening even though the blog hasn’t reflected it. The Right First Step tour is close and we’re getting amped to play you these new songs. In the meantime, some of you have requested chord charts and help playing the song “To the Nations” in your worship gatherings. So tonight I recorded a tutorial and an acoustic version of the song on youtube. If it helps, you can download the chord chart right here (TO THE NATIONS). Here are the videos as well:

…Yes, I discovered that the video was reflected after it was posted. Makes it look like I’m left handed. By the next video I had magically learned how to play right handed…

…hope that helps. See you along the road.

New Tunes

TealyTHSTLI just added some new songs to THE MYSPACE PAGE. This record is WAY more pop than I’ve done in the past. I’m extremely proud of it but nervous too. I kept it cheap and did most the production, engineering and mixing myself. That leaves me feeling a bit self-conscious about “The Hardest Step to Land.” There’s no one to blame but me! The lyrics on this record are really important to me and I’m stoked to share them with you.

“Known” is a challenge to the way we posture and pretend. It’s a call to shine some light on “all the hurt and shame you carry, all the tears and pain you’ve buried, every broken dream and every doubt.”

“Hands” is a response to some quotes that stunned me. Oswald J Smith said “We talk of the Second Coming; half the world hasn’t heard of the first.” Currently more than 56% of the world’s population has little or no access to the story of Jesus. Crazy! Jim Elliot said “He is no fool who gives up what he can not keep to gain that which he can not lose.” Love is the language the whole world speaks!

“Teach Me How to Pray” is one of my favorites on the new record. As a professional wordsmith, I am so often left wordless when I pray. I think I’m learning how to listen.

“To The Nations” is a rich worship tune I’ve been using for the last few years. My friends, the Espy brothers gave birth to this simple gem a few years back and it remains my anthem. “Send us to the nations, to the broken. Lead us to surrender. We will go.”

So I may rotate out the songs as I get a clearer sense of what you want to hear but I at least have started with a few of my favorites. I’m still aiming to have product at shows by June 2nd. That seems less and less likely with each passing day but I’m still trying! HERE’S THE LINK AGAIN.Enjoy the new tunes and spread the word.

The Hardest Step to Land

TealyStudio1Wow, I’m really overwhelmed by how many of you voted for the name of the new record. Actually more than just the votes, the number of well thought out reasons for your vote were the big surprise. So in the end with a vote count of 52% the title of the new record is “The Hardest Step to Land.” I’m aiming to have copies in my hand June 2nd but the actual release date will inevitably have to be later.

ALSO, a blog I’ve written about life on the road has landed on Soul-Audio. You can read it here at SOUL-AUDIO.COM. Spend some time looking around their site and you’ll find a great source for music news and reviews. I have great respect for these guys and what they’re trying to do so show em some Tealy Luv.

We have started mixing songs today and we’re shooting the band sequence for the first video starting at dusk tonight. I’ll try and post some pics from all the fun. The pic to the right is from the studio. Dave and Toby contemplating the deep relevance of the song “Slipping Away.”

Smiles! Four-part smiles!

Making me proud! This video is of my Dad singing with the Music City Chorus. It’s a Barbershop Chorus…traditional four-part stuff but sung by a bunch of guys instead of four…and tuxes instead of vests and straw skimmers. My pop is the tall guy in the middle of the back row. Merry Christmas!

New Songs

Tealy Make It Loud coverartWe’ve added some new songs to THE MYSPACE SITE. The first two are from the new worship EP called MAKE IT LOUD available soon. The last is Dakota’s Song (the bunny song). It’s a simple Garageband version recorded here at the house. You’ll have to add in your own “hop-hop-hoppin” background vocals.