Are you a Church Worship Ministry?

Worship Many churches today have a worship team or worship leader writing original songs that the rest of the world could be singing. The problem is most churches struggle to navigate the music industry, song licensing, copyright laws, or the recording, distribution, and marketing process.

I help churches create a plan that moves worship teams into writing their best songs, recording radio-ready, industry-standard albums, and provide the knowledge needed to ensure your church does it the right way.

I’ve spent the last 15+ years working professionally in the Christian music industry and the last 20+ years working in local church ministry. I can help your church navigate the often dangerous waters that divide those two worlds.

There are 4 unique ways I could serve a church like yours:

  • $250 – per hour for Individual consultation to evaluate your songs or discuss any stage in the writing, recording, licensing, distribution, or marketing process.
  • $3000 plus travel expenses – I’ve also spent the last 10 years leading songwriting retreats with worship leaders and church worship teams. Over the course of 2 or 3 days, I can provide your team both the training and inspiration to create great original worship content for your church or ministry.
  • $1000 per song – I will A&R your church recording including working through the songwriting process and song selection, producer selection, be present for recording, working with the producer to get through the overdubs, vocal engineering, editing, mixing, mastering, license clearance, digital distribution, art direction, marketing plan, and release schedule.
  • $2500 per song – I will both A&R and produce the album. This includes all of the services above plus pre-production, producing the recording, overdubs with additional professional musicians, mixing, and mastering.

To begin your journey toward a soul-stirring worship album or with any questions you have, email me personally at